Fruit Distro Collective

Fruit Distro Collective is a project by long time friends Boris van der Hoff & Tristan Coco. Raised on sampling & Hiphop beats, schooled through Jazz composition and inspired by Afrobeat & Afro latin styles. Pour some analog tape sauce over it et voilá!

Piry Reis

Piry Reis is a Brazilian songwriter, arranger, acoustic guitar player and vocalist. He was a regular contributor to the Egberto Gismonti group on recordings and tours throughout Brazil and soon after started performing and recording with several other prominent artists in Brazil, such as Angela Maria, Beth Goulart, Jane Duboc, Aline and Celia. His song ‘Bailarina’ (which he wrote together with Geraldo E. Carneiro) appeared on the classic Magico album by Jan Garbarek, Charles Haden and Egberto Gismonti.

Besides performing in various different music groups, he released several albums under his own name throughout the 70’s and 80’s. These albums are considered classics and sought after by music aficionados worldwide.

Vivid Swings

“Creating seperately and together in various settings we decided to release our music collaboratively under the Vivid Swings guise. Our output is ‘beat based’ and we are heavily influenced by Funk & Jazz. Thank u for listening!” – VS