Fruit Distro Collective – Some Kind Of Wisdom

Fruit Distro Collective is a project by long time friends Boris van der Hoff & Tristan Coco. Raised on sampling & Hiphop beats, schooled through Jazz composition and inspired by Afrobeat & Afro latin styles. Pour some analog tape sauce over it et voil√°!

Debut album ‘Some Kind Of Wisdom’ is a collection of nuggets of wisdom. The concept was born when Boris was about to become a father. He started pondering what wisdom he would want to pass onto his children.

The album features several talented guest appearances. Contributions by local jazz/soul friends Rebiere (Lucas van Ee), Shamis (Misha van der Winkel) & Suula (Thimo Geijzen) as well as support by Brazilian mogul Piry Reis.

This LP has been written and recorded as inspiration to think about things and to keep re-thinking again and again to strengthen the knowledge of self.

The first single (Love Says I Am Everything) is released digitally on streaming platforms since Friday November 18th accompanied by an animated video by Allen Paisley.

The second single (Comparison Is A Thief Of Joy) is released on Friday December 2nd.

The full LP will be released on Friday December 16th.

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The ‘Some Kind Of Wisdom’ project is released cooperatively by Records We Release, INI Movement & Dopeness Galore