Travelling is defined as ‘the act of going from one place to another’. The FDC are on the move once again with trusty travel companion Suula. Roaming for the sake of it, enjoying wherever this thing leads us. We hope to create more music but who knows? Maybe we’ll stop to smell some roses. The way is the goal, no destination.

Thimo (Suula) was involved as mixing engineer and contributed guitar parts to Fruit Distro’s LP ‘Some Kind Of Wisdom’. He first met Boris (one half of the FDC) whilst bargaining a deal for a piece of studio equipment. They went for coffee and quickly bonded over music. After working together on the first LP more ideas were exchanged and they decided to work and build on each other’s ideas. The result is a concept called ‘TRAVELLERS’.

Each song is part of a trip in an overarching adventure. Trying hard to avoid any form of efficiency and taking the time to explore through curiousity and creativity. This results in an unavoidable situation where deadlines are scarce but also creates opportunity to experiment with an old rusty 8mm camera. We are absolutely unsure when the project will be finished (if ever). But at least we have this first tune and we are (quite) confident that more will follow.

Characters & drawing by Kay Rutten
Artwork design by Megin Hayden
8mm film shot by Tristan Coco & Boris van der Hoff
Film processing by Super8 Reversal Lab
Video edit by Maartje Vergeer
All music written, recorded & produced by Thimo Gijezen, Boris van der Hoff & Tristan Coco

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